Matthias Hillebrand-Gonzalez

composer/songwriter · producer/engineer


Hello, I'm Matt!

I've been making music for the last 27 years and I hope you enjoy my latest work featuring the very talented Rina Hera. My phatMedia production studios are located at the lake of Zurich in Switzerland. I produced a lot of different things so far, made electronic club music in the late 90s, worked with many rock bands (like Dog Eat Dog), composed and produced music for motion pictures and TV series, made big brands stand out with tailored sound concepts...

Today, independent artists can find new ways of financing their productions and reaching their audiences, I believe there is great chances in new technologies like blockchain since it gives back power and control to individuals like you and me.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you've got a special project or simply want great, personal music to amplify your business!

Contact me on LINKEDIN or INSTAGRAM.

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