I’m Rina Hera, an independent vocal artist from Zurich, Switzerland. You’re here for my music.


Music ...

... can make you smile. It can make you cry. It can make your day.

Music goes right into your heart. Music is pure, unbiased emotion. If you remember one of the greatest moments in your life, it’s probably accompanied by a song in your head.

You’ve grown up to music. And now, you most likely can’t live without music.



has a great value. To some, it's everything. As for me it is my entire life.

The Crypto Crow Theme Song

There is a huge demand for the full version of “Crow Your Coins”, so here it is!

Instead of only putting this song on the usual download and streaming portals, my producer and co-songwriter Matthias Hillebrand-Gonzalez and I have decided to give you my first single "I Go Slow" and the full "Crow Your Coins" song for free in our web streaming player! We’re even adding a downloadable acapella version of “Crow Your Coins” on top of that for your remix pleasures!


We let you decide ...

... which value the songs have for you!

Here's one of our favorite song related comments on the Crypto Crows YouTube channel (posted by Eskapism):

“The song is FIRE!! She has an amazing voice, and the feel of the whole production is like walking slow motion through a crowd of people with style, looking fresh, feeling good, with nothing but positive vibes all around.... *The Forshadow of Great Things To Come*”

Feel free to donate any amount of Ether on our production wallet: You will help us fund the EP and future album studio production, build the fanbase and produce the first video clip! Once we exceed 10 ETH in donations, we'll donate 10% to a charity in the name of the Crypto Crow!